Wednesday, 5 October 2011

FREE teacher training in the comfort of your own home

Consider attending the Macmillan Online Conference 2011
the 8th and 9th of November, UK time.

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I highlight in green what I find most interesting:

Tuesday 8th November:

Adrian Tennant Photo12.30-13.30: Ceri Jones: Getting the reading habit 
....In this practical workshop we’ll look at reading from a number of different perspectives and explore a range of different activities, both classroom based and not, that can help us guide our students to discover the pleasure of reading in English.

Adrian Tennant Photo13.45-14.45: Pete Sharma: "If you've got it, use it!": four approaches to using your IWB
This session is based on the latest book in the Macmillan Books for Teachers series: '400 Ideas for using Interactive Whiteboards'.....The session is aimed at experienced IWB users and those new to the technology. Many of the practical ideas in this presentation can be used with a simple lap-top and data projector.

Adrian Tennant Photo15.00-16.00: Malcolm Mann: Metaphorically speaking: how widespread is the use of metaphor in English?
In this online workshop, we'll examine what we mean by the term 'metaphor', and ask how important it is for students to recognise when language is being used metaphorically......

Wednesday 9th November:

Adrian Tennant Photo12.30-13.30: Lindsay Clandfield: 10 mlearning activities for language teachers
This session focuses on one of the newest developments in technology and language education: mlearning. We will look at (at least) 10 practical ways that teachers can help students make the most of handheld devices ) to improve their English inside and outside the classroom.

2011-dave_spencer13.45-14.45: Dave Spencer: How to teach secondary classes (without losing your sanity in the process)
This session will offer tips and practical activities for teachers of teenagers. Areas examined will include ‘How to encourage students to speak in English’, ‘How to remain calm, sane and happy when students don’t speak in English’ and ‘How to correct grammar exercises without students falling asleep in the process’. ....

Adrian Tennant Photo15.00-16.00: Vaughan Jones: 'Class Scribe' and other ways of recycling vocabularyOff-the-cuff vocabulary explanations for unexpected language that tends to come up in lessons are very much the English teacher's stock-in-trade. Words and expressions are hastily scribbled on the board and then wiped off at the end of the lesson. However, without systematic recording and recycling this input rarely becomes intake. As the research into SLA shows, it is the quality and quantity of exposure to new language that is the single most important factor in our students’ progress. This session will focus on one idea to record this classroom ephemera and various ideas on what to do with it once recorded.


Is there anything there of interest to you?



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