Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Top Three Listening Practice Sites for English Learners

#3 Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab excellent listening exercises of many different types, at different levels of difficulty. Pre-listening and Post-listening exercises are included. pronunciation and vocabulary lessons also provided.

#2 Voice of America Learning English a bonanza of listening resources!

#1 English Listening Lesson Library Online : Learn English Naturally!
It offers a HUGE range of interesting listening exercises. You can turn on and off text as you listen, you can do multimedia slide quizes, play games, listen to songs and news reports, one on one discussions of an variety of interesting topics, video lessons, and in my favourite - the MIXER section -you can hear the same topic discussed by 6 different people from different nationalities with different accents, and then follow up with vocabulary and comprehension exercises.

I rate this number 1 not only for the huge variety of resources available and constantly being extended,   but also because the site is interesting enough even a native English speaker engaged and entertained.


  1. I like Randall's site as well, since you could easily assign it for homework.

    1. Yes, and indeed, that holds for all sites. You can choose something specific and have students report on their listening.

      I make a habit of emailing my students a list of links after each class. =)

  2. Hi Lucy!

    Thanks for the links. I think I had heard of Randall's, but never checked it out much. I will now.

    I'd also recommend the BBC, although some things aren't listening.

    Another HUGE site I like is You can listen to almost all the phrases on the site by clicking on them. It's good also because it has an Idioms and Phrases section, as well as a lot of examples of how to respond to interview questions.