Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Course Book Free! With a little help from .... a Course Book!

Ok, so maybe it's cheating.

But I have to confess I have of late been trialing following the 'sequencing' developed in a established coursebook to develop my beginner level classes. As I commented in the previous post, the problem here for 'negotiating' content with low-level students is that what they need is basically EVERYTHING, and they need it in a scaffolded, sequenced kind of way.

Of course I can  - and no doubt should  - sit down and develop a coherent sequence myself. Indeed until recently that is what I have done. But I found too much of my time and resources taken up in developing and revising this simple sequencing.

It was draining and dragging at me in my otherwise overwhelmingly joyous process of planning great classes. 

So I chose a course I liked, of a communicative rather than grammaresque orientation.

And since then, rather than having to trawl through the process of designing a sequence myself, I am saving myself thay particular work by following the general sequence of tasks and language content developed in THAT course - then I close the book and develop that content in my own way.

Yes probably it's cheating. But's working! It's working!

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