Monday, 21 May 2012

10 Tips for Motivating EFL Students to Practice outside class

  1. Send a practice email after each class. Include games and listening activities; there are plenty of fun interactive links. Demonstrate some in class so students get the idea.
  2. Ask them to reflect on what practice is most effective for them, and what type of practice is most necessary. 
  3. As a class, google "how I learned English". Have students choose a technique or idea to try and report on it in the next  class.  
  4. Have students brainstorm for practice ideas. 
  5. Give students the chance to swap their best practice strategies with each other.
  6. Give them homework to report on a program or a reading for the next class. Let them choose something they are interested in for added motivation.
  7. Set up a chat group or a group page on Facebook.
  8. Encourage students to keep a practice calendar.
  9. Have students set their own target practice time
  10. Have them reflect  and report on the practice they did at the start of each class.

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  1. Nice, Lucy! I may have to steal some of these ideas! :)