Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Fun Prepositions of Place/ Room Description Activity


  • 1 home-decor type magazine for at least small group/pair of students
  • a large sheet of blank paper for each group and a marker
  • different color markers to checking each other's work

  • Elicit prepositions of place and write on board.
  • Ask students to describe the room you are in: students take in turns to write each other's ideas on the board.
  • Encourage them to use as many different prepositions of place, and to make the richest descriptions possible.

Living Room by Maliz Ong

  1. Put students in small groups with a sheet of paper and a magazine each.
  2. Spread out groups so they can work without overhearing each  other. 
  3. Each group chooses a single picture from their magazine and writes at least 10 sentences describing a particular photo that they choose in as much detail as possible. (Approximately 15 minutes).
  4. Groups close their magazine and hand it with the description back to the teacher. 
  5. Teacher randomly distributes magazines with the description to students. 
  6. Students search through magazine to find the picture which matches the image. 
  7. Students correct any errors in spelling, grammar or vocabulary in the previous group's written description and also give positive feedback.
  8. Students present the picture they chose to go with the other group's description, demonstrating how each description matches the photo. They explain corrections to whole group for further feedback and discussion.

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